Halo 5 Beta!

The Halo 5 Disaster

So after a week of the beta I can confidently give my opinion. It honestly sucks. There have been more games that I hate than I enjoy. I did go back and forth between the older Halos so I could grasp more of what was off. So here’s a thought on what is wrong:

Small Things Take Down Big Projects

The ranking is terrible. My K/D is about to break even and that’s not normal for me in an FPS. Despite that I’m somehow halfway between Onyx and Semi Pro. It goes up a lot when I win, goes down a little when I lose by a ton. Naturally I find myself playing against teams that are way better than mine. Seriously, I saw 3 Silvers in one game who had a 2.0 K/D. Now maybe it’s because occasionally I find myself going up against people who I win, or don’t die a ton against, but this doesn’t make up for the 5 I lose massively in return. UPDATE: I just played a game where I went 5 and 17. There was a party of 4 and I had 2 quit on my team. I lost 7 points on my ranking, clearly I don’t belong at Onyx.

It’s way too quick to be Halo. I loved the thought of this and had a post all ready for it earlier. After playing it I realized that it’s more of a who sees who first thing. As you can guess I don’t see people too often cause I find one, he hides and then I get hit from behind. It’s 75 percent of my deaths. That’s not to say the game should be too much slower, like the older games. After going back and forth I realized it was too slow sometimes, like gosh that could have been quicker. But I shouldn’t feel like I’ve lost a battle once someone sees me first. If anything, I think the booster should be gone. That’s breaking most of the game for me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to counter act grenades. Here’s a great example of what it does though: I shoot a player, his first reaction is to use the booster and hide. Once his shields are up he throws a grenade and gets help in time to counter act the fact that I’m alone.

I would say the booster in general has one key flaw that nothing else new has: it has no counter. Stabilizers are great, but if you get caught using them at the wrong time, you’re gonna be in trouble. ADS is gone once you get hit so you can’t remain scoped in. Sprint has it’s correct timing to use it. Boosters have no downside. You dodge grenades, get out of a battle in a snap, move faster. Maybe the downside is you might occasionally jump off the edge of the map, once in a year.

This is pure speculation but it feels like I get teamed up against parties, with randoms on my team. Now the simple fix for this is joining a clan or something. As a casual player though, this ain’t gonna happen soon. Now the focus lately has been on MLG for Halo. So obviously they want to encourage this. However that is a small portion of their fan base, so they’re gonna lose a lot to gain favor with a few.  This has been a problem in my eyes for every Halo game. They have never bothered to really fix it either.

Oh gosh, the nades. It seems lately that nades have gotten a bit of a bad rap for me in just about every FPS. If you’re resorting to using it in every combat situation then it’s OP. The kill cam for it is especially awful, I know I got naded so I don’t need to see that. Lemme know where the guy is so I can hunt him down.

Why play then?

The game is still fun, at it’s core there is a good game. However it won’t keep me for very long if i can’t help but lose over and over and throw my controller. I haven’t done that yet, but it’s approaching. Sure this is what the beta is for (and that’s why I’m typing this up, hoping some guy will pass by it), so let’s hope for a better game at release.

It was actually good when the game didn’t start with BRs. I didn’t like it at first, but I was playing old school style and that’s what was wrong. Everything felt perfectly matched and I didn’t lose a battle if I was caught off guard. Empire wasn’t the best of maps, but there’s a few bad ones in every game.

The system of having a rank and an SR is great. I’ve been playing a lot of Battlefield 4 and it’s only because I have a rank that doesn’t affect who I play against. I enjoy having goals and striving for them, so keep that and I’ll play Halo 5 till it breaks down.

It’s close to where it needs to be, just a few more tweeks and I think it would be there. Without those tweeks though, they’ll have a very poor game because of it’s MLG focus.


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