Battlefield 4

So as much as I love Halo I’ve played my Battlefield lately. Largely for two reasons: Halo MCC has too many quiters, and I’m way better at BF4 than the beta. So here’s my opinion on BF4 on just random things.

How I got here

I started with Bad Company 2, which is hands down one of my favorite games of all time. I bought it on a whim and loved it from the second I started playing. I understand it’s not the typical Battlefield game, but there was so much success in the game I couldn’t put it down. Every since then I’ve been carried away.

BF’s large maps and long games really grabbed my attention. I don’t follow DICE’s thought process on massive, open maps though. I enjoy maps like Zavod so much because it is massive with tons of close quarters, that’s a huge part of the game’s success I think. Rush also used to be a big star of the series, even in BF3. However they lost focus and kind of killed that mode. The campaigns aren’t the best, or even decent sometimes so let’s not focus on that.

Play Style

The engineer has always been my favorite, I got a big boomstick and no one can stop me! Even after the PDW’s became the main weapon I still used Engineer more. They also have some of my favorite weapons every time. It all started with the Bad Company 2 Engineer, especially the Scar L. That gun made me a mean lean killing machine by the end of a match, regardless of winning or losing.

When BF3 arrived I started to use the PDW’s a lot more though. For some reason I just love the concept of a small close quarters machine gun in any game. The PDW-R is one of my top guns, it’s basically like a rifle sometimes. The range on it is ridiculous for a PDW and it just feels good to shoot. I would prefer PDW’s to be the gun that goes across classes, but beggars can’t be choosers I suppose.

Rush became a favorite of all time instantly. The fact that those big maps would just grow was amazing every game. Any Rush game also feels more intense than most Conquest games. It’s all about the basis of just two areas to attack. It makes it so a 32 player game can feel as big as a 64 player CQ map. However as time moved on it became very clear that DICE prefers to make CQ maps and use them for Rush. This is a horrible idea as it doesn’t work, I don’t think I enjoy any map on BF4 in Rush. Maybe it was just BC2 that had a focus on Rush, so obviously I have a bit of a bias for it.

What Could Be Improved

I’m very surprised that BF4 is still being played as much today as it is. The game started poorly and I mentioned many times giving up on the whole thing entirely. Still, here I am playing just about every day. That makes it pretty obvious that the game itself isn’t the problem. It’s a successful game in the end, and the holidays really made a jump in player count. So where can Battlefield change and improve to be better.

One of the hardest things to balance is the vehicles in the game. And now that I think about it sometimes there isn’t a problem. Personally I feel it’s the AA that deserves the most tweeking. It’s wrong to be killed from just about any spot on the map when someone is determined to use it. On the flip side an air vehicle can really dominate if the range of the AA is far shorter. I have no idea on how to manage this, as if it were me I’d remove the whole thing and boost the AA rockets for Engineers.

The map packs for BF4 haven’t been to stellar. In fact a large portion of map packs for BF4 and BF3 haven’t been awesome. Not all of them need to be successful, and they obviously know how to make good maps cause they launch with great maps. With Final Stand it finally clicked into my head that there is a basic concept being repeated. Largely open maps with close quarters in the center. There was even one map that I swear felt exactly like a Naval Strike map. For me the obvious place to be is at the center camping out the two objectives there. Not a single pack stood out as much as Close Quarters in BF3. This was due to a hugely successful game type that matched the maps perfectly.

Now I’m assuming someone didn’t think this part fully through because Domination was good in CQ and in BF4 it’s not so good. One of the things DICE does that I absolutely hate is using the portion of a map for different modes. Sure this means less work for the developers so that’s great. On the flip side, the different modes don’t work so well. Rush is a perfect example, the maps just aren’t designed to move that way. Again this is something wrong with Domination, CQ fit perfect because they were designed for Domination. Taking more time to match maps with their game modes would improve a variety for the game.

Past and Future

Now I’ve missed quite a few games by jumping in at BC2, so I don’t really have much room to talk about what happened before. From what I can gather there was less focus on being so big though. The competition between CoD and BF wasn’t the main focus for getting games out. BF4 was probably such a disaster because they couldn’t delay and “lose” to CoD. Sure competition drives the entire gaming community today, and it’s great to a certain point. Given any other situation though and this whole thing would seem crazy. Going bigger and better sometimes distracts from the fact that you actually have a great game.

Now Hardline is coming in two months and this does appear to be following everything I say in the upper paragraph. It’s not a military themed game and it does go as big. But it was originally scheduled to come out a year after BF4. That is following the path of CoD in just about every way. They massively changed the theme, again like CoD, and aimed a quick release that actually failed. So if they can’t compete with CoD that way, what can they do?

Follow the path of Levolution even more. Small level destruction is really what makes BF so great. Running around with a rocket launcher or M320 and taking down walls to find enemies is uniquely BF. The last game didn’t capture this so much for me though. It felt like the small level destruction got replaced with massive map changers. They also removed the “Destruction 2.0” kill feed from BC2. Which gave a kind of emphasis to knock every building down. If you got 1 kill there was a sense of accomplishment.

Weapon variety is great. I’m always changing my weapons during a game, though I really shouldn’t. Bringing back old weapons is even a great idea. Old memories often drag me back to crappy weapons that I should avoid like the plague.


So that’s my thoughts on Battlefield, sometime soon I think I’ll post a montage of Battlefield. I have a battle buddy that has some freakin epic moments with me and I’d love to share them. Thanks for reading, leave a comment or some feedback.


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